We have at lot to offer to children and families visiting Roskilde Dyrskue. 
Roskilde Dyrskue has been nominated as the best event for children. Why? Because here children can get close to 1.800 animals, here they can see all the big machinery used by modern farmers, and here they can learn about farming and have fun playing in the many playgrounds. 

Learning by playing
In our “Courtyards” children at all ages can learn about the animals, the agricultural machinery and the food production. In several workshops children can try to cook, grind flour, drive a toy tractor, have a look at the inside of a pig or simply play around in our big labyrinth made of straw bales. 
The content of the children activities may differ from one year to another. 
The Copenhagen Zoo is also represented here, in terms of teaching schoolchildren about animals on Danish farms.